Category: Domestic abuse

Sexual, Domestic, and Gender-based Abuse: A collection of experience and opinion

Frank Houghton, Lisa O’Rourke Scott, Jennifer Moran Stritch, Hazel Katherine Larkin, Melinda Heinz (2024)
28 Feb 2024

‘I was punished for telling the truth’ (2022)

how allegations of parental alienation are used to silence, sideline and disempower survivors
14 Nov 2023

'‘We don’t know what it is we don’t know’' (Harwood, J); 2019

How austerity has undermined the courts’ access to information in child arrangements cases involving domestic abuse
14 Nov 2023

General Practice as a place to seek and receive help for domestic abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic

Emsley, E; Coope, C; Williamson, E; Barbosa, E; Feder, G; Szilassy, E (2022)
1 Aug 2023

A Randomized Clinical Trial of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the Duluth Model Classes

Zarling, A and Russell, D, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Iowa State University (2022)
16 May 2023

An Intersectional Analysis of Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Service Adaptation during COVID-19

Healy, Levell, and Cole, Journal of Gender-Based Violence (2022)
18 Apr 2023

The role of housing in a coordinated community response to domestic abuse.

Henderson, K , Durham University (2018)
18 Apr 2023

Financial Freedom: Women, Money, and Domestic Abuse

Harrington Conner (2014)
14 Mar 2023

The impact of domestic abuse for older women: a review of the literature

McGarry, Simpson, Hinchliff-Smith (2010)
14 Mar 2023

Intimate partner homicide–suicide

Perpetrator primary intent across young, middle, and elder adult age categories. (Salari and Sillito, 2016)
6 Feb 2023

The dynamics of domestic abuse and drug and alcohol dependency

Gadd, Henderson, Radcliffe, Stephens-Lawrence, Johnson and Gilchrist (2019)
6 Feb 2023

The police response to domestic abuse

HMICFRS (2019)
5 Dec 2022

Domestic Violence Perpetrators: Identifying Needs to Inform Early Intervention

Hester, N, Gangoli, G and Westmarland, N (2006)
18 Oct 2022

Measuring violence to end violence: mainstreaming gender

Walby, S and Towers, J (2017)
18 Oct 2022

Domestic Violence at the Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender

Solokoff, N and Dupont, I (2005)
22 Sep 2022

Under the radar: the widespread use of out of court resolutions in policing DV in the UK

Westmarland, N, Johnson, K and McGlynn, C (2017)
22 Sep 2022

Polish women’s experiences of domestic violence and abuse in the United Kingdom

Zielinska, I; Anitha, S; Rasell, M; Kane, R (2022)
19 Aug 2022

Who Does What to Whom

Hester, M (2009)
22 Jun 2022

The concept and measurement of violence against women and men

Walby, Towers, Balderston, Consuelo, Francis, Heiskanen, Helweg-Larsen, Mergaert, Olive, Palmer, Stockl, Strid, Olive, Palmer, Stöckl, Strid (2017)
6 Jun 2022

Enforcing contact orders: problem-solving or punishment?

Liz Trinder, Joan Hunt, Alison Macleod, Julia Pearce & Hilary Woodward (1988)
26 Apr 2022

Domestic Homicide of Older People (2010–15)

A Comparative Analysis of Intimate-Partner Homicide and Parricide Cases in the UK (Bows, 2018)
10 Mar 2022

Understanding the Profile and Needs of Abused Men

Exploring Call Data From a Male Domestic Violence Charity in the United Kingdom (Hine, Wallace & Bates, 2021)
10 Mar 2022

Under the Radar

The widespread use of 'out of court resolutions' in policing domestic violence and abuse in the UK (Westmarland, Johnson and McGlynn; 2017)
10 Mar 2022

Lessons from the Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme

Lessons from the Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme, for the implementation of Building Better Relationships (Hughes, 2017)
7 Mar 2022

Brain Injury and Domestic Abuse: An Invisible Impact

The Disabilities Trust (2020)
27 Jan 2022

CBT Guide for Intimate Partner Violence

The Guide provides an additional resource for the WA State response to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).
27 Jan 2022

‘An eight day working week': LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Sector Snapshot’

Catherine Donovan and Kate Butterby, 2020
1 Dec 2021

Football and Domestic Violence/Abuse in England and Scotland: A Feasibility Study

Williamson, E., Brooks, O., and Lombard, N. (2016)
2 Nov 2021

Beyond the Physical Incident Model

How Children Living with Domestic Violence are Harmed By and Resist Regimes of Coercive Control (Katz, E; 2015)
8 Sep 2021

GPS Monitoring Technologies and Domestic Violence: An Evaluation Study

Edna Erez, LL.B., Ph.D., Peter R. Ibarra, Ph.D., William D. Bales, Ph.D., Oren M. Gur, M.S. (2012)
11 Aug 2021

WWP EN Expert Paper: Working with(in) Migrant Populations

In this expert essay, two perpetrator programmes from the UK share their experiences engaging with Polish and Urdu/Hindi speaking communities
21 Jul 2021

Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) in Military Families: Improving Signposting to Specialist Support

Williamson and Andrea Matolcsi, with Kurda Yar. Centre for Gender and Violence Research, University of Bristol with Women’s Aid (England) April 2019
4 Jun 2021

‘Living a life by permission’: the experiences of male victims of domestic abuse during Covid-19

By Nicole Westmarland, Stephen Burrell, Alishya Dhir, Kirsten Hall, Ecem Hasan, Kelly Henderson (Durham University, 2020)
1 Jun 2021

Men's Advice Line service review 2020-21

A lifeline for male victims: new report shows impact of Men’s Advice Line during Covid-19 crisis
1 Jun 2021

Black, minority ethnic and refugee women, domestic violence and access to housing

Aisha Gill and Baljit Banga, A Race Equality Foundation Briefing Paper, October 2008
29 Apr 2021

Same Violence, New Tools

How to work with violent men on cyber violence (WWP EN)
22 Dec 2020

Exploring the service and support needs of overlooked and minoritised groups

Report prepared by the University of Bristol in 2012 for the Home Office
10 Dec 2020

Providing advocacy and support to survivors from Black and minority ethnic communities

This report provides guidance to practitioners who work with female victims of domestic violence from Black and other minority ethnic communities.
27 Nov 2020

"You can never work with addictions in isolation’’

Addressing intimate partner violence perpetration by men in substance misuse treatment​
27 Nov 2020

Free WWP EN event for Respect members: "Keeping children safe in perpetrator work – A virtual tour"

Respect members: apply for a free place at the WWP EN Study Visit 2020 “Keeping children safe in perpetrator work – A virtual tour”
22 Oct 2020

COVID-19 - Advice for friends, family neighbours and community members

Domestic abuse, sexual violence and other forms of gender-based violence
28 Apr 2020

COVID-19 - Safety and wellbeing advice for survivors

Domestic abuse, sexual violence and other forms of gender based violence
28 Apr 2020

Leopards can’t change their spots but domestic violence programmes do change lives

By Professors Nicole Westmarland and Liz Kelly, 2015
3 Apr 2020

Supporting high-risk victims of DV: a review of Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs)

Home Office (Nerissa Steel, Laura Blakeborough and Sian Nicholas), 2011
3 Apr 2020

Treatment Needs of Women Arrested for Domestic Violence A Comparison With Male Offenders

By Kris Henning (Portland State University), Angela Jones ( University of Memphis), Robert Holdford (Exchange Club Family Center), 2003.
3 Apr 2020

Using It or Losing It - Australian Research

By Kerrie James, Beth Seddon and Jac Brown, 2002
3 Apr 2020

Respect guidance for Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programmes - Covid-19 challenges

We have developed this guidance paper to help member organisations overcome the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.
30 Mar 2020

Battered Women’s Multitude of Needs: Evidence Supporting the Need for Comprehensive Advocacy

By Nicole E. Allen, Deborah I. Bybee and Cris M. Sullivan, 2004
27 Mar 2020

Feeling Safe, Feeling Strong : Support Groups for Older Abused Women

By Bonnie Brandl, Michelle Hebert, Julie Rozwadowski and Deb Spangler, 2003
27 Mar 2020

Female perpetrated domestic violence: Prevalence of self-defensive and retaliatory violence.

By Hayley Boxall, Christopher Dowling, and Anthony Morgan
27 Mar 2020

Domestic Violence and Attachment Theory: Clinical Applications to Treatment with Perpetrators

In The Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence (Ed. Nicky Ali Jackson), Routledge, 2007. Daniel Jay Sonkin, Ph.D. Independent Practice Sausalito, CA, 2007
13 Mar 2020

It's just a choice - Scene 1: Financial abuse

Series of films addressing positive men's behavioural change.
13 Mar 2020

It's just a choice - Scene 2: Stalking/Harassment

Series of films addressing positive men's behavioural change.
13 Mar 2020

It's just a choice - Scene 3: Verbal abuse

Series of films addressing positive men's behavioural change.
13 Mar 2020

It's just a choice - Scene 4: Physical abuse

Series of films addressing positive men's behavioural change.
13 Mar 2020

Intersectionality in Young Men’s Accounts of Domestic Violence Perpetration (video)

By Prof David Gadd, Manchester University, 2015
6 Mar 2020

On the receiving end. How post can enable domestic abuse

By Gemma Byrne, Laura Clark Rachel White - Citizens Advice, 2020
6 Mar 2020

Beyond violence: Breaking cycles of domestic abuse

By Callan and Farmer, Centre for Social Justice, 2012
28 Feb 2020
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