• Do you need help aligning your perpetrator intervention with Respect’s Standard?
  • Would an audit of your perpetrator service help your delivery team to improve outcomes for your service users?

Respect’s Sector Support team now offers an audit service for members who plan to apply for Respect accreditation; either for the first time or to get re-accredited.

What is the audit service?

It’s a new service that audits any aspect of your perpetrator work that you find challenging, and recommends changes in your processes, policies, procedures, and systems, to bring your service in line with the Respect Standard (4th edition).

How will it work?

The audit service will be offered on a consultancy basis, and you can choose any of the following formats that suits you best:

A whole section-focussed audit

You tell us which section(s) of the Respect Standard you want us to audit. 

The breakdown of audit days per section is as follows: 

  • Section A - Management of the organisation: 1-day audit
  • Section B - Intervention delivery: 3-day audit
  • Section C - Integrated Support Service: 2-day audit
  • Section D - Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: 2-day audit

A fixed-time audit

You decide the number of audit days you want to access, and we review your perpetrator service working through a priority list provided by you. 

A cross-section focussed audit

You decide the specific issues or challenges you want help with, and we will tell you how many days’ audit will be needed. For example, you may have three key challenges: implementing a Training and Development policy, improving your Case Management process, and reviewing the integration of your survivor service with the perpetrator intervention. We will discuss the time needed to audit these and quote a fee.

Who will audit the service?

Respect’s Lead Assessor, Emma Hier, and Respect’s Head of Services, Ippo Panteloudakis, will complete the audit work.

Does the audit guarantee that my service will become Respect accredited?

The audit service is about comparing aspects of your perpetrator work against the Respect Standard. We will give recommendations, but it’s up to you to implement them; and even if you do, there is no guarantee that your service will meet all the Respect Standards. The decision to accredit a service is one made by the accreditation panel members – the Assessor makes recommendations to the panel.

Is the audit service confidential?

The service is strictly confidential. Any information and documents we review will be treated as such and strictly on a need-to-know basis: only the two Respect members of staff auditing your service will see the information you provide, no one else. We will not let the accreditation panel members know whether you have or haven’t accessed the audit service prior to your assessment for accreditation.

What is the cost?

Regardless of the format that you choose, the cost is based on the time spent auditing your service. The smallest audit time is 1-day charged at £400 plus VAT. Further time can be bought in increments of half days at £200 plus VAT per half day.

For more information and to book audit days contact [email protected] and [email protected].

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